Portraits of Preservation

Portraits of Preservation

Portraits of Preservation, Protected Lands & Ranches of Colorado's Front Range addresses the vast area of open space and historic ranches in the mountains west of Denver that has been protected from development due to the initiative of the area's citizens. The book probes three primary themes:
•The Land that has been protected
•The History of these lands and their rich heritage
•The People who preserved the land and its history

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About the Book

The Land

The stunning beauty of the protected lands in the central part of the Front Range is illustrated with 320 color photographs showing the landscape in seasonal transition from the Great Plains to the high Rockies. Selected public lands that are preserved as open space, and private property where visual and wildlife qualities are protected, are included. Lands managed by Denver Mountain Parks, Jefferson County Open Space, Jefferson County Historical Society, Colorado State Parks, U.S. Forest Service, Clear Creek County Open Space and the Mountain Area Land Trust are covered in an area that extends from Eldorado Canyon State Park, near Boulder, to Pine Valley Ranch Open Space, near Bailey, and from Red Rocks Park to Mount Evans. A special focus is made on the area’s historic ranches.

The History

There are wonderful stories and lessons to be learned by preserving the cultural heritage in the mountains west of Denver. A considerable area of ranch lands – as well as some homes, barns, and antique tools – have been preserved on public lands, but much remains under private ownership that warrants protection as well. Only by saving and interpreting the cultural heritage of the past can future generations understand and appreciate the lifestyles, struggles, and accomplishments of those who came before them Urbanization is quickly eradicating the very things that make up our western heritage. We must not lose these treasures.

The People

Stories of the landowners who have had the foresight to protect their land from development by selling to public agencies for parks and open space, or by working with non-profit land trusts, make for fascinating, poignant, and oftentimes, humorous reading. Behind the scenes accounts by leaders in agencies, land trusts and community organizations provide insight that is not commonly recognized by those who benefit from the protected open lands and historic areas.

As the region’s population expands and the cost of gasoline increases, there is a growing need to protect open lands close to home for hiking, climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and picnicking. This book provides a fascinating glimpse of some of the most spectacular of our treasured open spaces and historic sites, many of which are open to public use.

The heart-felt words and haunting images of the long-time Evergreen author and photographer are captured in the beautifully designed and printed coffee table book.

Fundraiser for Land Protection

It is the author’s intent to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Portraits of Preservation to one or more of the organizations that work to protect open land and history for all to enjoy.

Shipping is $17.45 per book via USPS.

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