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The Record

Winter 2007

Volume 34, Issue 4


Four JCHS Stars Shine with County Awards

by Rebecca Young

We were all taught the adage, "'tis better to give than receive," and there are at least three members of JCHS who have taken that lesson to heart. There are times, however, when our best "givers" need to "receive" the recognition they deserve. While these volunteers mean so much to JCHS, the most recent recognition of their good works has come from other Jefferson County entities. We're pleased to share the good news, pass along our congratulations and take a little pat on the back ourselves for having such stellar folks in our little ole' Society. You make us proud!

Board Member Hank Alderfer is the most recent JCHS member to be inducted into the Jefferson County Historical Commission's Hall of Fame. John Steinle nominated Hank and spoke at his induction ceremony on October 20, 2007. The following profile prepared by the Historical Commission highlights some of Hank's contributions to our community:

"Hank Alderfer - rancher, community activist and historian -- was born April 3, 1947 shortly after his parents EJ and Arleta bought their ranch on Buffalo Park Road just west of Evergreen. Hank worked the ranch until 1988 when he sold and donated the home place to the Jefferson County Open Space Program.

"In the 1960s Hank assisted Arleta with an oral history program while she served as Librarian at Evergreen Senior High School. He served eight years on the Board during the formation of the Jefferson County Historical Society and received the Volunteer of the Year Award. As a volunteer he helped form the Evergreen Recreation Association. He was elected and served 18 years on the Evergreen Parks and Recreation District Board and was instrumental in the formation of the Evergreen Trails Plan. In recognition of more than 30 years of service to mountain parks and recreation, along with his contributions to the Evergreen Community, Hank received the Evergreen Community Service Award in 1990. He is one of the founders of the Mountain Area Land Trust and has served on their board since 1992. Hank is also President of the Bear Creek Cemetery Board. While operating a sawmill at his ranch, Hank developed a market for Blue-Stain Ponderosa Pine. He became a spokesperson for the Colorado Timber Association, and worked with the Colorado State Forest Service providing education presentations, adding a significant benefit to Front Range forest management.

"Hank, Barbie and their two sons live west of Pine Junction and operate Range Design & Construction, Inc. The Colorado Historical Society recognizes Hank as a specialist in historical restoration. He has been expanding an Historical Ownership Study of the Evergreen area and has added an historical review of Downtown Evergreen. His historical outreach column, YESTERYEARS, appears bimonthly in the Canyon Courier."

JCHS Board Member and Historian Susan Jones received the "Superior Technical Assistance Volunteer" award at Jefferson County Open Space's annual Volunteer Recognition Event, held in September. Nominated by Hiwan Homestead Museum, Susan was recognized for her unparalleled technical, creative and just-plain-hard-work contribution to the JCHS Historic Photo Collection digitization project. (More information about this project is included in this issue.)

Former board member Joan Davis was also nominated by Hiwan Homestead Museum for the "Sue Poe Inspirational Volunteer" award. Like so many of us, the Hiwan staff admires and appreciates Joan's positive outlook, indomitable spirit and unfailing support of Hiwan and JCHS.

Simon Young received the "Outstanding Achievement by a Volunteer" award in recognition of several new programs he developed as part of the Open Space Astronomy Team, including a couple of meteor shower observation programs held in Hank Alderfer's old backyard - our wonderful Alderfer/Three Sisters Park. How's that for coming full circle?

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Monumental News in Jefferson County

JCHS Member Jeannie Collopy-Bach passed along this tidbit for those history lovers who always have to "stop and read the plaque." As Jeannie wrote, "...just wanted you to know that the Monuments page on the Historic Jeffco website has been updated with additional monuments and links to a new (to us) website you might enjoy. On that site, you'll read that Sally White of Historic Jeffco asks, "if you know of other monuments in Jefferson County, or you're out and about and spot one we haven't covered, please email me so I can follow up!"

JCHS Photograph Collection: Bringing History Up-to-Date

by Susan Jones

JCHS has been entrusted with many valuable things. The first that comes to mind are the furnishings and artifacts in the Hiwan Homestead Museum, including the wonderful pots, rugs and other artifacts collected by the Douglas family. Recently, Heritage Grove has come into the news as JCHS has been working hard to preserve it. Thirty years ago, we saved it from condominium developers; now we are saving it from "over-loving" use, preserving the old growth Ponderosa pine forest for future generations.

Another valuable possession sits tucked away in a corner in Eric's House: our photograph collection. JCHS has about 6,000 photographs of early Evergreen, Jefferson County and the surrounding area. The photos were lovingly filed away in the 1970s, using the technology of the era, which meant prints and negatives. The file gets a lot of use as researchers, families and commercial enterprises search the archives and order reprints for personal histories, publications or local store displays (see Albertson's).

Subsets of the photos make up in slideshow programs given by the museum staff as part of our outreach program and for new docent training. The Evergreen history program is probably the most popular, presented every year by Sue Ashbaugh to nearly all of Evergreen's third graders. These slideshows are just that, actual slides shown in a carousel slide projector, those dinosaurs that will soon be available only on "Antiques Roadshow." But it's not just the equipment that's outdated; prints and negatives are not indestructible and will deteriorate over time. A permanent solution is required to protect these irreplaceable recordings of our history.

As a first step, John Steinle raised the issue to the Board that we needed to convert the slides to digital images that can be used in "Powerpoint" type slideshows using an LCD projector from a laptop. This would be the initial step in a project that would eventually digitize the entire collection for preservation. A secondary advantage of digitization is improved accessibility by researchers and the public. A working group digitized the Evergreen slideshow as a test case and found the slides themselves were in pretty bad condition. The group, made up of John Steinle, Meghan McGinnes and Susan Jones, presented a proposal to the JCHS Board that detailed a phased approach. First, we would need to purchase a laptop computer and scanner to get the slideshows converted. Next, we would prepare a grant proposal for a desktop computer, LCD projector, printers, camera and funding for an intern to scan the remainder of the collection. The Board approved the proposal this summer and, with the help of Hank Fuchs, Susan Jones and Meghan McGinnes, purchased the equipment. Sue Ashbaugh presented the first computerized show to Marshdale Elementary School in October. Work on the grant request will begin in early 2008.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting, long term project... but this isn't the end of the story. Most assuredly there will be another technology coming in the next 10 to 20 years that could make our collection again obsolete. Future JCHS members must stay vigilant to technology changes and make sure that this part of our past is preserved.

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President's Pen

It's Been a Good Year

by Diane Fuchs

Our year began with a wonderful Scottish type celebration for our annual holiday celebration with JCHS members. It was complete with pipes, haggis, and the reading of Robert Burns (thanks to organizer Rebecca Young). Spring brought our annual Spring Fling thank-you tea for Hiwan volunteers, with Hank Alderfer as special guest speaker (thanks to organizer Randi Marcos). Our annual JCHS meeting in early June took on a new spin with a lovely brunch and tour at the Brook Forest Inn (thanks to organizer Diane Fuchs - ed.).

We took our activities outdoors in late June with the first phase of the Preservation Project for Heritage Grove. Several volunteers pitched in to establish a barrier around the designated preserve area (beneath the tallest Ponderosas closest to the Museum) with the use of "clever" wagon wheel benches, lovely flower pots and signage explaining why the area was closed. Yes, we had both of the summer art festivals and a quilt festival in the grove in July, August and September ... and all worked out just fine. Thank you, Randi Marcos for handling all the reservations and Rod Matlock for volunteering to oversee the events. The weekend of the Fine Arts Festival was my daughter's wedding in Vail and Kay Johnson stepped in to help out that weekend, since several current and past members of the board were in attendance at the wedding. Thank you, Kay.

The month of September brought the premiere of our first book and author event, entitled "Reflections: Colorado Authors, Colorado Stories," held at the beautiful Mount Vernon Country Club. With the hard work of Jeannie Collopy-Bach, Rebecca Young and myself, it was a great success. We enjoyed fantastic presentations from authors Debra Faulkner, Mike Strunk and co-authors Ben Fogelberg and Steve Grinstead. An excellent lunch and a lovely Fall day topped off the event, which raised an impressive-for-a-first-effort $717. I hope more members will join us in 2008, which should be even more exciting. As advertised, the proceeds from this year's events supported our revegetation efforts in Heritage Grove.

Speaking of the Grove, Lam Tree Service provided their regular excellent maintenance work in the Heritage Grove this summer, which included spraying for pine beetle and removing one very large, but very stressed Ponderosa. In July, we received the wonderful news from Mike Goldblatt that Lam had selected Heritage Grove as a special community project to mark their 30 years of service to the Evergreen community. The special project, called "vertical mulching," was completed in October, just in time for volunteers Rebecca Young and Susan Jones to do some Fall planting in the preserve area.

In July, the board approved the expenditure of $1400 to purchase equipment to convert the JCHS photo collection to digital format. Some of our experienced computer gurus (Susan Jones, Meghan McGinnes and Hank Fuchs) purchased a laptop computer, digital camera, scanner and backup hard drive, which were immediately put to use (see accompanying article). The final item which needs to be purchased is a projector with, as suggested by seasoned photographer Mike Strunk, will have high altitude capability.

Membership has remained stable and the new membership renewal program that began in the summer issue of The Record was successful. Be looking for your 2008-2009 renewal notice in the 2008 summer issue. Thanks to Barbie Alderfer for maintaining the membership records.

Just this past month JCHS took part in the Evergreen community's Alternative Christmas Fair. This was our third year participating in the fair and, once again, we set a new sales record, thanks primarily to sales of JCHS Board Member Mike Strunk's wonderful book, Portraits of Preservation. Our other sales leader were delightful handmade holiday ornaments crafted by JCHS volunteers (we've got an accompanying article about that, too!).

Finally, a huge thank you goes out to Randi Marcos and Susan Jones for their fantastic work on book sales. All of our books are now available on line and Paypal is an option for purchases. Their efforts have increased our book sales by a factor of four from what they were a year ago. Speaking of books, let me remind you all that Mike Strunk's book is available at Hiwan Homestead for $35, of which Mike generously donates $10 to JCHS. Thank you, Mike for your generosity and for your book, which is an absolute must in every Evergreen/Conifer home library and a great Christmas present.


PROJECTS FOR 2008-2009 and beyond

  1. Continue the Preservation Project for Heritage Grove
  2. Renovate the "Grove Tent" by building a new floor and purchasing a new canvas cover.
  3. Close the portion of the Housekeeper's Cabin that has served as the JCHS offices and use that space to create a new educational exhibit called the "General Store". (If any of you have some resources for items that would be found in a general store let the museum staff know at 303-674-6262 or call me, Diane Fuchs, at 303-674-9639.)

Please do not hesitate to seriously consider becoming a part of the JCHS board for the 2008-09 year. Hank and I will gladly continue to serve on the board, but I have heard rumblings that some of our most devoted board members might be stepping down. We meet 10-11 times a year, on the third Friday of month, 1:00-3:00 p.m., at Evergreen National Bank. There may be times when you might not be able to attend, but don't let that stop you from volunteering for the board. Nothing is set in stone!!! If you are unable to volunteer at this time but know of someone who might be interested please, please let me know.




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Alternative Christmas Fair 2007

Labors of Love Make JCHS Bestseller List

Last month's Evergreen Alternative Christmas Fair was a tremendous success for JCHS, as we more than doubled last year's gross sales. Our bestselling items included two "new" products that, fittingly, represent the best of our Society.

If not intentional, it is perhaps not surprising that Mike Strunk's labor of love, Portraits of Preservation, is a beautiful expression of JCHS's mission to "preserve, protect and promote local history." As the only vendor at the Fair to have copies of Mike's books on hand, we sold out on the first day, but thanks to speedy respond time from Mike and Diane and Hank Fuchs, a Sunday morning re-stock guaranteed more brisk sales. Mike's generous distribution arrangement with us means that JCHS's coffers are $300 richer thanks to Alternative Christmas Fair sales of this book alone.

Another personal contribution to our mission was this year's revival of the JCHS tradition of selling handmade crafts to raise money. Thanks to the creative energies of Susan Jones and Sue Ashbaugh, a felting class held at Hiwan produced more than 100 felted ornaments using different techniques. Each unique design, made with love, fun and a little bit of whimsy, was a hit at the Fair. Thanks to these clever crafters, we netted $200 for JCHS: Joan Ball, Joan Davis, Sue Knepley, Dale Devine, Randi Marcos, Mary Lee Flower, Brenda Riggenbach, Nancy Nikl, and Rebecca Young

Thanks also to Sue Ashbaugh, Susan Grannell and Meghan McGinnes who made ornaments, too, and to booth staffers Barbie Alderfer, Joan Ball, Dale Devine, Diane Fuchs and Josie Hoover.

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Eve Douglas Jolivette, the last surviving Douglas family member to have lived at Camp Neosho, passed away in September after many months of ill health. A memorial service was held on Sunday, October 7th in her old family home, which later became Hiwan Homestead Museum. Eve's great-grandmother, Mary Neosho Williams, and grandparents Josepha and Father C.W. Douglas established Camp Neosho in the 1890s. The family, including son Eric, his wife and three children, lived on the property until it was sold in 1938.

Our memories of Eve were beautifully expressed by JCHS member Graham Gibbard in an article published in the Winter 2005 issue of The Record. The article summarized several meetings Eve had with JCHS Board members and Hiwan staff following the museum's 30th anniversary celebration. Those meetings enabled JCHS and JCOS to preserve on tape many of Eve's priceless memories of her family and their life at Camp Neosho.

The description of Eve which Graham provided in his article from two years ago serves as a fitting tribute to a true friend of Hiwan's and JCHS's. "Eve," Graham wrote, "is an energetic, spirited and compassionate person who has led an interesting and often challenging life. All of us who spent time with her came away impressed with her strength, her love of life and her deep concern for others."

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Hiwan Homestead Museum News

Provided by Sue Ashbaugh, Meghan McGinnes, and John Steinle

New Permanent Exhibit!

JCHS has agreed to vacate their office space in the Housekeeper's Cabin for use as a new educational interactive exhibit. The tentative plan for the area is to present the activities of a country store on the late 1880s in Evergreen. This exhibit will complement the program offered to groups touring the site and others interested in the special subject.

If you are interested in participating with the committee involved with the development of the project of if you have pertinent items to donate, please contact Sue at the Museum.

Needles & Friends!

Anyone who loves needlework or wants to learn something new should not miss this fun gathering. We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 12:30 p.m. in Eric's House at the Museum. Bring a sack lunch if you like and enjoy your needlework project. Bring a "show-and -tell" for the group to admire. There is no charge, no dues and no reservations necessary. Just for fun!

Book Club

Book Club at Hiwan continues to be a source of learning and fun. The club meets the 4th Wednesday (usually) of each month, at 12:30 p.m., to discuss the current volume. We focus primarily on titles pertaining to women and children and the West, mixing fiction and non-fiction. If you are interested in attending this lively but informal discussion group, please join us. No reservations are needed and all are welcome.

St. Distaff Day

The annual wool spinning day at Hiwan Museum will be Friday, January 4th, 2008, noon to 4:00 p.m. Come to watch, practice spinning, bring your wheel or use ours! Free, no reservations needed.

Holidays Hiwan-Style

On Monday, December 10th, we will present our Christmas Tea. The tea begins at 11:30 A.M. and includes a light lunch, tea, and festive Holiday piano music by Chad Beall. Reservations are required for the tea. The suggested donation is $12 for Jefferson County Historical Society members, and $15 for the general public.

Monday, December 17th brings the annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon for all the Hiwan Homestead Museum volunteers. This will be a very festive occasion, beginning at Noon. The Luncheon gives Open Space and JCHS the opportunity to thank all the faithful volunteers who have donated their time to make this year such a smashing success for the Museum, with over 16,000 people served through visitation and outreach programs!

And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from the Hiwan Homestead Museum staff!

To inquire about or make reservations for any of these activities, call Hiwan Homestead Museum at 303-674-6262.

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Gift Giving Ideas

Give a gift of local history to friends and family this season. Check out the JCHS Bookstore at Hiwan Homestead Museum or on-line. New items for this year include Portraits of Preservation by Mike Strunk and a delightful notecard set featuring photographs from the JCHS photo collection. Each set of six cards includes scenes of old-fashioned fun, mountain style - swimming and fishing in Bear Creek, riding the Lookout Mountain Funicular and more. At only $2.00 each, what a fun, useful gift for family, friends, club members, etc.

Here's another great idea: if you shop through, they'll donate an average of 3% (and up to 37%) of all of your purchases to Jefferson County Historical Society. is a new online shopping mall which features hundreds of great stores including Best Buy, Macy's, Apple, Nike, eBay, the Gap, Target, and more. It's easy, just go to GoodShop, click on the store's logo and then shop as your normally would! You get the exact same prices and service as if you went directly to the store's website.

And, while you're searching the web, don't forget to use which makes a donation to us for each search.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

The Record is published four times per year by the Jefferson County Historical Society. Editor: Rebecca Young. Email your submissions to the editor.

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