St. Joseph’s Chapel

St. Joseph's ChapelDid you know that Hiwan Homestead Museum has a chapel with a warm intimate setting for your special ceremony? The beautiful chapel on the second floor of the museum was completed in 1918 by Jock Spence for the Douglas family’s private use. The chapel, with its soaring arched ceiling and hand-leaded windows set in rosewood, awaits you and your special quests. It is available for weddings, vow renewals and christenings. Maximum capacity is 25.

For more information, contact EMAHS by email or download the Chapel Rental Application [PDF]

“And of course, there was no better setting for such a day than the beautiful Hiwan Homestead. I have to recommend this one-of-a-kind venue for anyone celebrating a special day. The volunteers from the Jefferson County Historical Society were so kind and welcoming to our guests, and went out of their way to add little special touches, like candles on the alter and bows along the pews. Thank you, thank you all!”

For any questions, please call 303-670-0784