2019 Medlen School Days

The Evergreen Mountain Area Historical Society offers an authentic experience in a 1920’s one-room schoolhouse at Medlen School on South Turkey Creek Road.  Built in 1886, the school has been restored in its original location.

Children who have completed grades 1-5 share in this unique opportunity to:

  • EXPERIENCE a typical country school with several grades;
  • LEARN “the four R’s” – reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic and recitation – just as children of the 1920’s did; and
  • PARTICIPATE in the games they played, the songs they sang, and the fun they had!

We are happy to announce the following 2019 dates!

Session I: May 28-30
Session II: June 4-6
Session III: June11-13

Times: 9am – 12pm
Fee: $30.00

Please contact JoAnn Dunn at (303) 674-1695 or (303) 503-5978 with any questions.

Download the program brochure and registration form HERE

2018 Cow Camp Supper

With regrets, this event has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Help EMAHS raise funding to continue our educational programs at Hiwan Museum and historic preservation projects in the Evergreen mountain area. Don your wildest Western attire and join us for an evening of food, music and fun at Heritage Grove in Evergreen.

Harvest Tea

Harvest Tea 2018























Note: The 11 AM seating for the tea is sold out and we are now taking reservations for a 2 PM seating.


Fantastic Western Slope Peach Sale!



THE ANNUAL PEACH SALE OF THE EVERGREEN MOUNTAIN AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, also known as Jefferson County Historical Society, is now accepting orders for the “Fantastic Western Slope Peaches” The price is $37 a box, the same as last year and they will arrive the first part of August. Please make checks out to EMAHS and mail your check to EMAHS, P.O. Box 703, Evergreen, Colorado 80437. You may also order online below and pay for your peaches with Pay Pal. You will be notified by phone or e-mail of the exact date of arrival.

Peach Coordinator:
Diane Fuchs


Hiwan Homestead Museum is very excited to announce a very special presentation in conjunction with its exhibit “We Can Do It: Jefferson County in WWII”: The Edge of Disaster” with Flint Whitlock.

On Wednesday, August 12 at 6 PM, learn more about Operation Overlord, the Allies’ D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944. The invasion is seen today as a highly successful military operation that hastened the defeat of Nazi Germany. In reality, however, so many aspects of Overlord unraveled that it nearly ended in failure. Had it not been for a handful of courageous soldiers, World War II might have ended very differently.

Denver-based military historian Flint Whitlock, the editor of WWII Quarterly magazine and author of a dozen books (including two on Operation Overlord), will present “D-Day: The Edge of Disaster,” an illustrated lecture about how close the invasion came to failing.

The presentation will be held at Hiwan Homestead Museum and require reservations. There is a fee of $10 for the program. Please call the Museum at 720-497-7650 for reservations or more information.


Miep Gies (1909-2010) is one of the unsung heroes of the Holocaust. This petite, humble woman helped hide Anne Frank and her family in the Netherlands during WWII. Miep provided them with food and other basic necessities. She linked them to the outside world. Her emotional support gave them a beacon of hope. Without the protection Miep and her husband gave, Anne might not have survived to write the diary. After the Nazis arrested the Frank family, Miep discovered Anne’s diary and protected it through the rest of the War. Had it not been for Miep, Anne’s story would have been lost to the world.

Miep will be portrayed by Judy Winnick. Judy is on the Colorado Humanities/Chautauqua Speakers Bureau and has performed internationally. During her teaching career, she received one of Colorado’s Distinguished Teacher Awards.

Come learn about Miep and her brave actions at Hiwan Homestead Museum on Saturday, May 30 at 1:00 PM. This program is sponsored by the Jefferson County Historical Society; there is a fee of $10 per person. Please call the Museum at 720-497-7650 to reserve your spot!